The images used on this website are reproduced with permission from the following owners and organisations:

C. Moore Hardy (photographer) and the City of Sydney Archives, who granted permission for images 065/065708 and 065/065740, which appear across the ‘People’ and ‘Contact’ pages respectively.

065/065708: Rally against Inequality for Gays and Lesbians, Sydney, 1991 (Photographer C.Moore Hardy, courtesy City of Sydney Archives: A-00068989)

  065/065740: Anti homophobic rally, Sydney, 1991 (Photographer C.Moore Hardy, courtesy City of Sydney Archives: A-00069022)

SEARCH Foundation and the State Library of NSW for the images which appear across the ‘Home’, ‘About’, ‘Case Studies’, ‘Publications and Presentations’, ‘Other Outputs’, ‘Events’ and ‘Sources’ pages.